My mom was always telling me this in creole “Ou dwe renmen tèt ou”, which means to love myself. As a teenager, I had a hard time believing that I deserved to be loved. Why? Because the people that I loved the most made me think that I wasn’t pretty enough.  I never felt like people really loved me or were able to understand me. 

I admire my mom so much because she helped me battle these insecurities for a really long time. Even if I had a great support system aka my mommy, it wasn’t good enough for me. I needed to really wanted to love myself for who I was and not for the image that society wanted me to be. 

I had a hard childhood. It was really hard for me to enjoy my youth because I was so uncomfortable with myself. It had an impact in my relationships with my peers at school. I was the kind of kid that wanted to be accepted so bad and was lacking in confidence. That pressure that I was putting on my shoulders impacted my childhood in a major way. 


When I started high school, I was seeking for acceptance and love from others. At 19 years old, I got one of the biggest wake up call. I realized that I couldn’t continue to live my life without loving myself. I began to start accepting me for who I was. I didn’t want to fit into what everyone wanted me to be. I started to stand up for myself before anyone does. 


I am so thankful for my mom because she let me express myself while I was looking for myself as a woman. She has been my best friend ever since. Without her, I wouldn’t be this strong and independent woman that I am today. 


Ladies, if you are having these thoughts : 

I am not enough. I don’t love myself


Give yourself a chance to become the girl you wanted to be! 

You only have one life to live. Don’t waste your time! 

Take action right now to create the greatest life ever and it starts with self-love.


Be your own hero! 



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