Episode 001 – Introduction Date Yourself

Celine France  podcast   Episode 001 – Introduction Date Yourself

Episode 001 – Introduction Date Yourself

In this show, i’ll explain a little bit about my background and why i decided to start this amazing PODCAST!

Im so exited to tell you a little bit about me and share with you my passion that I developed for relationships, especially « self-relationship ». Funny how I started this journey of self love, I can remember few years ago, when my mentor made me realized that i did not love myself. Ever since, I decided to pursue my passion in helping woman falling in love with themselves!

I hope you enjoy this episode! You can help me reach out to more woman by sharing this podcast to your friends and by leaving me a review. You can also visit my website at celine-france.com

Ill be happy to talk to you by @instagram at @celine-host

Thank you my beautiful ladies and don’t forget to love yourself.


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